Vectra Networks

Vectra Networks is a next generation Intrusion Detection System. From campuses to data centers to the private cloud, Vectra Networks provides continuous, automated threat surveillance throughout the organization to proactively expose hidden and unknown cyber attackers in your network.

Their cybersecurity platform is based on a simple principle for finding hidden threats: use an authoritative source of data and seek out the fundamental threat behaviors that attackers simply can’t avoid. To do this, Vectra Networks relies on the only source of truth during a cyber-attack — network traffic. Only traffic on the wire reveals the truth with complete fidelity and independence. Low-fidelity sources, such as analyzing logs, only show what you’ve already seen, not the hidden attacks that were missed.

Vectra Networks delivers a new way of analyzing network traffic. Instead of traditional payload inspection,Vectra Networks uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral traffic analysis to expose the fundamental behaviors of attackers as they spy, spread, and steal in the network.Would you like more information? Please contact our team.

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