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Rubrik has a converged data management platform that creates an enormous simplification regarding backups and recovery of virtual environments.

Currently, organizations often use separate backup software which, for example, makes daily backups on external storage systems. Rubrik is a product that combines the backup software and hardware into one scale-out fabric. Rubrik scales linearly so you can add more capacity and performance when needed. You no longer need forklift upgrades so there will be no unforeseen expenses.

Other advantages of Rubrik are faster backup setup times, without interruptions and no more uncertain recoveries. Rubrik provides a clear overview of the damaged server and you can quickly restore server information. On top of that, you no longer need to schedule backups manually. You only need to set policies for your backups and Rubrik schedules everything automatically.

Rubrik delivers all this in a 2-unit scalable appliance. The Rubrik building block architecture allows tasks and operations to run on any node within their cluster. The more nodes you add, the higher the performance and availability.

Find out more about Rubrik. Check out their blog.


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