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RSA is a world-leading company in cybersecurity solutions. Their solution called RSA SecurID is a very important element of our SecureLink portfolio. RSA SecurID offers two-factor authentication. In total, it protects more than 25,000 organizations and over 55 million users. This protection is applicable to cloud, mobile, BYOD, the traditional virtual private network (VPN) and web portals.

The RSA SecureID solutions are based on three main components:

  • an authenticator
  • a platform (server or appliance)
  • agents (software you need to install to use the authenticator on your device)

It is called two-factor authentication because it is based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator). That way, you can rely on a very high level of user authentication, one that is much higher than for example the one reusable passwords offer you.

RSA has a wide range of user authentication options that positively identify users before they interact with mission-critical data and applications through:

  • VPNs & WLANs
  • E-mail
  • Intranets & extranets
  • Microsoft® Windows® desktops

Apart from hardware and software tokens, RSA leads the way with an innovative solution that leaves out the use of a token for most authentications: RSA SecurID Risk-Based Authentication. This multi-factor solution is tokenless and it uses risk scoring to analyze the users’ behavior. It can determine if the user is who he says he is while keeping the username and password login experience.

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