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Palo Alto Networks

  • SecureLink Group is one of the biggest Palo Alto Networks Diamond Partners in Europe
  • SecureLink Group has 55 Palo Alto Networks Certified engineers (PCNSE)
  • SecureLink Group  is Palo Alto Networks’ Certified Professional Services Partner
  • SecureLink Group was Palo Alto Networks’ European Partner of the Year 2013 and 2014
  • SecureLink Group has the Palo Alto Networks’ ASC (Authorized Support Center) Elite Status

Our team of specialists will help you carry out a successful Proof of Concept which will result in a clear Security Lifecycle Review Report (SLR) and an Enterprise Risk Report (ERR). The insights we gained from the POC will help us to implement a customized Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security Platform that will be adapted to the needs of our customers.

The Palo Alto Networks’ Next Generation Firewalls provide insight and the desired control over applications, users and threats. They include the following features:

Threat Prevention

Palo Alto Networks’ Threat Prevention subscription adds an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), anti-virus and anti-spyware functionality. The firewall downloads a signature update to prevent attacks and to detect viruses at regular intervals so it can intervene in time.

URL Filtering

The URL filtering subscription provides a fully integrated URL filtering database with more than 20 million URLs divided over 76 categories. When the user wants to visit a blocked URL category, he will see a customized block page. The URL subscription enables URL based logging and reporting. It is an unlimited user license for a certain amount of time.


Modern Malware cannot be detected by traditional gateways and scanners because there isn’t a signature for this yet. Palo Alto Networks’ WildFire subscription stops those kind of zero-day exploits, bugs and errors in software. Suspicious traffic that passes through the Firewall will be recognized by the advanced analytical solution and analyzed if you use the Sandbox environment of Palo Alto Networks.


By using Palo AltoNetworks’ GlobalProtect, organizations protect their users against threats whether they are located inside or outside the perimeter of the company. That way you control the entire network traffic.

Palo Alto Networks Platform Approach

 As network attacks are becoming more complex, the measures that should be taken to protect our customer networks, cloud environments and assets have to be based on a platform approach instead of a point based solution. This allows us to protect the customer at different levels and it makes it possible to intercept and break the attack kill chain.

The platform consists of:

  • The Palo Alto Networks firewall to provide network level protection.
  • Traps: the endpoint protection solution that will protect the endpoint from getting infected.
  • Aperture will protect the SaaS customer environments. It enforces security policies in the cloud and uses WildFire to analyze files that live in the SaaS environment.
  • Autofocus will present the customer the context of the attack, based on the research of Palo Alto Networks own threat intelligence department Unit 42. The discovered information is exchanged with the other platform components in order to very quickly identify and understand new threat vectors and to stop the attack before any damage can be done.


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