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Who is Igel?

In 1989, IGEL GmbH (IGEL) developed and distributed the first multi video graphic card for UNIX environments. Igel started to develop and sell terminals in 1992 and in 1997 brought out the first modern thin client. Today analysts recognize them as one of the fastest growing and most visionary thin and zero client vendors in the world.

What is Igel?

In a virtual infrastructure, it is not needed to provide all users with a standard desktop. In many cases, a thin client is more sufficient. A thin client is a hardware device which allows users to access there working environment; server-based computing (SBC) applications, virtualized desktops (VDI) and cloud computing services. A reduced total cost of ownership is one of the major advantages of thin clients. There are no rotating components like fans or hard drives, therefore they make less noise and are much more reliable. As there is no data stored locally, the use of thin clients increases the security. The low energy consumption helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. To manage thin client devices less effort is needed and changes can be achieved in less time.

Why choose Igel?

A powerful management software is indispensable. A tool that can manage all types of thin clients, regardless the hardware type or the operating system, Linux or Windows. Internal research has proven that IGEL offers the most complete, flexible and stable solution on the market. Besides the high-quality hardware devices, the management software provides a set of features which make the management pleasant.

IGEL Technology is one of the world’s leading and the fastest growing thin client vendors. IGEL provides a simplified license model, with the purchase of a device multiple services are included. No extra costs to manage the devices or to update the firmware, also technical support and training is provided for free.

Beside the wide range of hardware devices, IGEL provides the UMS and UDC software. Universal Management Suite (UMS) is the management tool provided by IGEL. It allows the IT department to adjust configurations and perform firmware updates from a centralized location. Universal Desktop Convertor (UDC) is a software thin client that convert conventional machines or third-party thin clients to a IGEL thin client which can be managed by the UMS software. This allows the reuse of existing hardware or gives easy access to the world of thin clients.Universal Desktop indicates the range of multi-purpose thin clients. This series of clients allows you to connect to different back-ends (e.g. Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS or VMware Horizon). Different models are available, including all-in-one models with a built-in touchscreen. UD’s are available in Linux and Windows-based flavors.The Linux based Operating System of the Universal Desktop thin clients can be obtained separately to convert an existing computer/laptop or other brands thin client into an easy to manage IGEL Universal Desktop.The Zero clients are in essence the same as the Universal Desktop line-up, but they can only connect to one type of back-end (Citrix, Microsoft or VMware). This results in a more competitive package.The UMA is filling the gap where it is required to keep the existing Windows client OS, but allows the device to be managed with the same ease as all other products. This can be used in specific cases (drivers, peripherals…) to ensure maximum compatibility.All types of products provided by IGEL Technology can and will always be managed by one powerful yet easy-to-use management tool. This UMS is free to use and upgrade and can scale-out according to your needs.

Igel Technology provides a simplified license model. When you purchase a device, multiple services are included.  There are no additional costs associated with managing the devices and the updating of firmware. The technical support and training are free as well.

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