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HPE Aruba

HPE Aruba has a robust and comprehensive product portfolio of wired and wireless network management solutions. HPE’s innovative and unified networking solutions allow businesses to break free from proprietary networking systems while adopting open standards-based solutions, enabling simplicity, agility and reduced costs.

Thanks to this open, standards-based approach, an organization can migrate their networks from legacy architectures to advanced flexible architectures so they can meet contemporary business challenges, including cloud computing, unified applications, virtual machine mobility, high-performance mobile access and unified communications multimedia.

Mobility first campus network infrastructure

HPE can meet the requirements of a modern campus area. Their solutions can cope with wireless and wired speeds and with every device, application and instance. Your customers, partners and employees will definitely get the seamless connection they need.

Datacenter converged network infrastructure & Cloud solutions

The HPE converged datacenter portfolio introduces a number of products that can be used to deploy simple, scalable, automated data center networking solutions. HPEs datacenter solutions also support specific data center technologies: multi-tenant solutions such as MDC, MCE, and SPBM, along with Hypervisor integration protocols like VxLAN, PBB and VEPA. Other sup-ported connectivity solutions include MPLS L2VPN, VPLS, EVI, SPBM, and TRILL.

HPE Software Defined Networking

The evolution of networking demands future-proofing your network. Software-defined networks (SDNs) are a new way of looking at networking by abstracting underlying network complexities and providing access through software and applications to change network behavior.

HPE’s vision of SDN is to split and separate the traditional control plane and the data plane in the net-work fabric, giving network applications control to manipulate network behavior. By providing programmable interfaces to the control plane (or controller), HPE delivers a modular SDN architecture that leads to the development of network applications, which rapidly adapt the network to the requirements of business applications.Do you have a question or would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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