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Exceptional Quality of Experience for your Business Critical Apps

Not all business applications are alike

Skype for Business, Office 365 and Salesforce are examples of applications that were initially implemented to drive business success and to improve operational efficiency. However, the performance of an application is largely determined by the network on which it runs. If you want to improve quality of experience, a one size fits all solution won’t do. Video, data and voice must be treated separately to perform in a constant and reliable way.

With Exinda, you can

  • Monitor and Understand Network Activity

Exinda gives you deep insight into your network’s devices, users, activities and applications. Diagnose and resolve problems three times faster trough real-time monitoring, actionable recommendations and automatic notifications.

  • Contain and Control Unsanctioned Applications

Control and monitor unsanctioned traffic such as P2P file sharing and YouTube. Identify apps, problem users and web sites and prevent or limit bandwidth allocation by applying multi-dimensional policies.

  • Exceptional Quality of Experience

Exinda enables reliable and consistent application performance. On top of that, Exinda ensures that user complaints will decrease by more than 75 percent.  Deliver the best quality of experience for your business critical applications! You have the power to accelerate, flush and shape application data in a single solution.

Solve the Application Network Disconnect

As you know, more and more business critical applications are now in the cloud. Perhaps you started with Salesforce, then added other applications such as Office 365 or Skype for business. Those apps that used to live in your data center or on your desktop now live in the cloud, today and in the future.

To ensure Quality of Experience, it is key to gain end-to-end visibility and control throughout the entire application path, including both the service and the network. In order to provide the exact same level of visibility as with in-house datacenter apps, you need to be able to collect data not only from the network but also from the application itself. If you can correlate application data with network information for a complete end-to-end view of traffic, down to the device level, you will be able to pinpoint and quickly resolve issues before they adversely impact the network.

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