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Cisco IronPort

Nowadays malware and spam are an undeniable part of the complex email security story that includes both inbound and outbound risks. Cisco’s all-in-one Email Security Appliance (ESA) or the managed Cloud Email Service (CES) offer fast and simple deployment. They have low operating costs, very few maintenance requirements, low latency and simple, fast deployment.

This set-and-forget technology frees your staff after the automated policy settings go live. The solution will then automatically forward security updates to Cisco’s cloud-based threat intelligence solution. Every three to five minutes, threat intelligence data is refreshed in the email appliance. That provides you an up-to-date-threat defence response, hours or even days before other vendors. This appliance is an excellent fit for your business thanks to flexible deployment options and smooth integration with your infrastructure. This way, our clients can protect their mission-critical email systems with, virtual, cloud, hybrid and physical solutions.

Apart from the best-of-breed anti-spam and anti-malware, Cisco’s Email Security Appliance now includes Cisco Advanced Malware Protection. This Advanced Malware Protection increases the antimalware detection and blocking capabilities already offered in the Cisco Email Security appliances. How does that work? Through file reputation scoring and blocking; static and dynamic file analysis (sandboxing) and file retrospection for the continuous analysis of threats, even after they have traversed the email gateway. This will allow users to block more attacks, track suspicious files, mitigate the scope of an outbreak and remediate quickly.

The Cisco AMP Threat Grid appliance delivers malware protection through an on-premises deployment for organizations that have compliance or policy restrictions on submitting malware samples to the cloud.

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