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HPE Aruba Networks | Secure wired and wireless infrastructure

Aruba Networks, an HPE company, is an enterprise infrastructure provider of complete solutions for mobile-savvy users with integrated security features. They are the market leader in secure wired and wireless access infrastructures.

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Why HPE Aruba Networks?

Powering and securing the Digital Workplace with an Aruba campus network solution delivers real value to customers.

  • User-centric networking solutions with unified role-based access for both wired and wireless users (User role assigned by Aruba ClearPass)
  • Support for Tunnel traffic to an Aruba Mobility Controller for:
    • Common, consistent policy enforcement across the WLAN and LAN
    • Extending controller-based services to wired ports
    • Enhanced security
  • Simplified deployment, configuration, and management of the network
    • End-to-end management of wired and wireless users with single management platform: Choice of on-premise Aruba AirWave or cloud-based Aruba Central streamline support of Aruba wired and WLAN devices, whether it’s a large campus or small remote branch.
    • Automatic setting of policies such as maximum PoE and VLAN for Aruba access points.
    • Zero Touch Provisioning for rapid deployment.
  • Standards-based technology: Aruba Networks integrates with other solutions in a simple and effective way
  • Location determination: from light-weight to fully integrated solutions with indoor wayfinding and integration with external systems
  • Aruba 360 Secure Fabric – an enterprise security framework that gives security and IT teams an integrated way to gain back visibility and control. It allows you to detect attacks with machine- learned intelligence, and proactively respond to these advanced cyber attacks across any infrastructure. There are 3 elements to this fabric:
    • Aruba Security Software: Proactive network access control and policy management, and industry-leading UEBA for any network
    • Aruba Secure Core: Analytics-ready network infrastructure with embedded security
    • A best-in-class security ecosystem

Read more about HPE Aruba Networks’ Secure Mobility, why SecureLink offers it & how.

HPE Aruba Networks Portfolio consists of

  • Aruba Core and access switches
  • Aruba controller and/or controller-less WLAN solutions
  • Aruba ClearPass -Network Access Control (wired / wireless) with integrated guest, BYOD, posturing and device profiling capabilities.
  • Aruba Airwave (on-prem) or Aruba Central (Cloud) -Management platform
  • Aruba Introspect – User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • Aruba NetInsight – A purpose-built cloud-based machine learning analytics solution that automatically analyzes how evolving networks perform.
  • Aruba Meridian – Aruba’s BLE solution for mobile engagement and asset tracking.

Platinum Expert Status

Since 2008, SecureLink has been a loyal partner of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. This year we have been elected Aruba Business Partner of the Year for the sixth time in a row. We also won a unique ClearPass award because we did more than a hundred ClearPass implementations. With two certified Mobility First Experts and multiple certified Aruba engineers, SecureLink has unique knowledge position. This makes SecureLink one of the two highest certified partners worldwide. We help you with advising, implementing, maintaining and training regarding the mobility solutions of Aruba Networks. If desired, we can offer a fully managed service model.

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