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Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company) has selected its best wireless networking & security product offerings to create an end-to-end solution that supports the Enterprise Digital Workplace, Large Public Venues, Small/Midsize Business, Remote/Branch Access, combined with Mobile Engagement, Secure Internet of Things and an Adaptive Trust Defense model. This Adaptive Trust model leverages contextual data across the wired and wireless network and security systems to protect against traditional and mobile risks.

Connect your world with intelligent mobility

Do you want to make your employees happier and more productive? Go mobile!

#GenMobile will change the way we work, live and communicate. Today, our smartphones have gone beyond personal entertainment and BYOD. Our (work) lives are shaped around mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs etc. The #GenMobile employees demand Wi-Fi, connected mobile devices, remote working and much more. To attract
#GenMobile talent, you need to be prepared!

Going mobile will definitely benefit you organization. Workers who say their employers are leaders in mobile technology are more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal.

Aruba Beacon hardware can guide your guests (visitors, customers) with real-time, indoor navigation to nearby amenities, products or points of interest. Combined with your Meridian-powered mobile app, you can send them personalized, push-notifications based on their real-time location and opt-in preferences for enterprise premises, hospitals, shops, public venues…

See how Aruba’s mobile-first approach optimizes for the digital workplaceUnique in the industry: the Aruba 310, 320, and 330 series APs are powered by ClientMatch technology. That ensures the fastest connection at all times for all devices. Multi-User MIMO capable devices can also make use of the technology.

The enhanced ClientMatch automatically groups MU-MIMO clients on Wave 2 Aps so that the AP can live up to its promise of MU-MIMO and transmit simultaneously to multiple clients. This unique Aruba technology is critical in the early days of Wave 2 when there is a limited number of MU-MIMO capable clients. The result is a switch-like experience that allows networks to support greater capacity.

These new AP’s also entail a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon that is installed to remotely manage battery-powered Aruba Beacons.Mobile and IoT devices break conventional network access rules and introduce new threats. An Adaptive Trust model leverages contextual data across the wired and wireless network and security systems to protect against traditional and mobile risks.

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Identify what’s on your network.

Security starts with understanding what’s on the network—unmanaged smartphones, rogue endpoints, IoT devices. These all increase the attack surface and threaten enterprise security.

Enforce user and device policies.

Once you have device visibility, automatic policy enforcement comes into play. Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager can help you see what’s on your network and then build wired and wireless policies that leverage user roles, device types, MDM/EMM data, certificate status, location, day-of-week, and more. Policies can easily enforce rules for employees, guests, executives and each of the device types they decide to use.

Speed up innovation to protect against hackers.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to invest in security and it’s almost impossible to keep ahead of the hackers by innovating alone. Aruba’s ClearPass Exchange ecosystem is designed to bring together best-of-breed third-party solutions to provide end-to-end security at the edge.

Learn about our ClearPass Exchange partners

Aruba ClearPass has great capabilities:

  • Aruba ClearPass can profile any device
  • Aruba ClearPass integrate with multi-factor authentication for stronger device and app security
  • Aruba ClearPass provide deeper insights into security incidents
  • Through its automated threat protection features, Aruba ClearPass can ensure that each device is accurately given network access privileges with minimal hands-on IT interaction
  • Context from third-party systems strengthens network policies in real-time. ClearPass Exchange lets you leverage downstream security and productivity systems to improve end-user workflows and secure devices wherever they connect.

So many mobile devices! IT definitely needs deeper insights into the health of the Wi-Fi network. Aruba AirWave can predict problems before there are disruptions to Wi-Fi connectivity, app quality and RF coverage. Aruba AirWave is the most powerful network management platform for the mobile-first campus that works across multivendor wired and wireless infrastructures.

AirWave lets you monitor client behavior, proactively troubleshoot application issues, and plan for capacity.

See what’s inside all those mobile apps.

With Aruba AppRF, AirWave provides deep visibility into performance and usage of mobile and web apps.

See AppRF and AirWave in action

Watch Wi-Fi coverage on-demand.

AirWave uses VisualRF to allow for time-lapse mining of Wi-Fi coverage – enabling wireless network engineers to record and replay 24 hours of RF heat mapping.

Simplify management of multivendor networks.

Get granular visibility across your entire access infrastructure and manage multiple generations of wired and wireless networks from just about any vendor – from controllerless to controller-managed and from legacy Wi-Fi to the latest 802.11ac WLANs.Aruba mobile engagement solutions will bring your venue to life! They offer media-rich apps and indoor location services over the fastest Wi-Fi on the planet. This is definitely no ordinary mobile marketing. It’s contextual awareness of connected users, devices and apps as well as location and time of day.

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