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What is a SecureWorkspace?

SecureWorkspace refers to safe access to applications. Those applications must be accessible everywhere. Usually, a VPN is constructed in order to have access to protected resources. This however, limits the flexibility because you only have access to an application of a device on which the VPN client is installed. Another limitation of client-server applications is that you need a specific client to access the application. That creates an additional security risk because, at that time, the data will be on the remote client.

There is a solution that eliminates those restrictions: published applications or full virtual desktop infrastructure. Through a very limited client which you can install on almost any device, you can have access as if you were working locally.

Since only screen and keyboard strokes will be sent over the network, all data can reside in the central data center. Thus, you will experience the same speed and security. The authentication of the user is of extreme importance nowadays. A strong authentication method in combination with VDI is highly recommended.


Virtualization is emerging at different levels. Until recently, it was only common at server level, today it is very often used at endpoint level and in the data center. At those endpoints, there are more and more virtual desktop initiatives. At the datacenter, there is the adaption of Software Defined Networking (SDN)and Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC). The reason for those trends is the flexibility and agility of the environment. The goal is to have a complete infrastructure stack that can be deployed by a single person. It is no longer necessary to wait for the various departments to deploy the individual components. Clear examples of such environments which emerged from the concept of SDDC are Amazon and Azure. The same concepts are also becoming more and more common in larger enterprises.

Something that is very important to us, is the option for extra security. Due to the concept of service chaining and micro segmentation, it is possible to redirect specific traffic streams through dedicated security appliances, even if the traffic is between two devices on the same layer 2 subnet.


The need for storage continues to increase. A flexible and scalable solution, scalable both in terms of capacity as well as performance, is a must. Performance is typically expressed in number of IOPS (Inputs/Outputs per Second). Redundancy is also very important. Enterprises cannot afford to lose data. In order to provide the necessary redundancy there are multiple options, ranging from redundant disks to completely redundant systems that are spread over multiple locations. It is up to the SecureLink consultants to design the best architecture for customers based on their individual needs.

Backup is closely related to storage as well. Backups are more and more located off-site: on your own infrastructure or even in the cloud. The challenge is to have a flexible solution that provides a fast restore in case you need it. Typical backups are part of a total disaster recovery scenario and must be looked at with due attention.

Be confident in your investment – Try it first

In today’s global economy, an agile Digital Workplace can set you apart from your competition. The challenge is to build that Digital Workplace, addresses mission‑critical business requirements, support a growing number of applications and meet (internal) service levels.

SecureLink & Raido build the new Digital Workplace by introducing solutions based on virtualization technologies such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others. These technologies are designed to help you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and change the way you think about secure application delivery, while addressing your key business challenges. Within SecureLink, we understand our (future) customers and their fears of acquiring that workplace. The FlightCase Program is designed to counter these concerns. You’re able to experience hands-on how our solutions build the Digital Workplace you need to help you grow your business.

Using the FlightCase program, you are enabling yourself to test drive the Digital Workplace in your own environment with live applications, live user and data at a fraction of the project cost. The program enables you to experience the functionality, manageability and performance of a Digital Workplace so you can invest with confidence and promote it within your organization.

The FlightCase Program enables start-to-finish support, superior execution, and measurable evaluation against your business objectives. You will be completely supported by our professional services and expertise.

Get started

The FlightCase Program helps you:Flight Case Program 2

  • Validate requirements for application and desktop deployment
  • Lay the foundation for a next-generation data center, enterprise campus or distributed branch environment
  • Start the Digital Workplace transformation process while evaluating technologies in a low-risk environment
  • Validate interoperability with existing infrastructure equipment and infrastructure-dependent applications and technologies
  • Introduce new technologies which can fundamentally change infrastructure architectures

Flight Case Program 3

Get hands-on answers

Our FlightCase Program is designed to reduce the risk, accelerate deployment, and demonstrate end-user experience, thereby laying the foundation for a successful Digital Workplace project. Each FlightCase provides a pre-defined technology stack and best practice design. This will radically accelerate your time-to-implement, validate technologies, define accurate costs and lower overall TCO.

“Our customers frequently want to test complex technology solutions, to ensure that the interdependencies of mission-critical applications are able to achieve the performance characteristics that their end users need.” 

“SecureLink and Raido are proud of their knowledge and we always welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the power of our solution design. On many occasions this is the defining moment when the customer decides to work with us.”– Wim van Balen, Manager Sepcialized Sales, SecureLink & Raido

4 Reasons to consider a FlightCase Program

  • Hand-on

    Experience hands-on how the solution positively impacts your business objectives

  • Simplicity

    Validate the simplicity with which the solution is deployed and configured

  • Confidence

    Gain confidence that the technology integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure

  • Manageability

    Experience the ease of manageability

The building block of your Digital workplace

With our FlightCase, you get a Nutanix based virtual infrastructure with a fully deployed VDI environment to deliver your Digital Workplace. The Nutanix hyper-converged platform is an efficient, scalable, manageable and cost-effective alternative to traditional servers and storage.

What is TaskFlow?

While implementing virtualization solutions throughout the years, the SecureLink & Raido consultants have created their own methodology for success. This methodology translates itself in not only a custom fitted project methodology, but also has a technical component: the TaskFlow Framework. The TaskFlow framework is an automation tool that guides us to the following key requirements for a successful implementation:

  • Share our knowledge with the customer and our colleagues
  • Implement our own best practices in a consistent way
  • Automate the deployment and maintenance of our core solutions
  • Implement a DTAP strategy (development, test, acceptance, production

TaskFlow is an automation framework

TaskFlow is an automation framework: It is a framework because it can be easily extended and customized where needed. It is also a framework because it integrates with all our core solutions, such as Citrix, XenApp, XenDesktop, Provisioning Services, Microsoft RDS, Vmware View. TaskFlow also facilitates automation, because only through automated and tested procedures, an environment can be maintained and stay healthy during it is lifetime. When designing TaskFlow, one of the most important requirements was a simple and logical architecture based on open and trusted technologies: The Framework consists of a File Share hosting PowerShell scripts (Engine), XML Files (Configuration) and the GUI executable (Administration). The resulting design provides for unlimited flexibility while at the same time being the solid base to build on.

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