The key to mitigating the impact of any IT security incident, is the reaction time between detection and response. Many companies lack the infrastructure needed to react in a quick and secure manor. Securelink SecureResond services, allow any company to react 24/7 to malicious cyber threats.  Enabling customers to complement existing resources with world class competence to safely enable their business.

  • Available 24×7.

  • Rapid isolation of threats to limit the impact of a security breach.

  • Reverse engineering experts that can determine the behaviour and impact of a malware.

  • Rapid Incident Response to help meet GDPR breach notification requirements.

  • Incident Response retainer services to help with eradication and restoration after breaches.

SecureResponse Services

SecureRespond Quarantine is an add-on to our SecureDetect services.

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SecureRespond Malware is a malware analysis service that uses both static and dynamic analysis.

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SecureRespond will utilize security knowledge, with hardware and technical experience.

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