SecureLink is pleased to announce their new Chief Research Officer; Eward Driehuis. He brings more than 20 years of experience in IT, software and security to SecureLink. Eward has worked in all continents, within the financial sector, large enterprise and government. His previous roles include business director and CTO. In the last 8 years he has worked at Fox-IT, where he led threat intelligence and security analytics, and headed the international go-to-market strategy team.

Driehuis has worked on some of the most high profile investigations and projects fighting cybercrime. A frequent speaker at RSA, FS-ISAC and other events, Eward is known for his ability to break problems down into bite size chunks, and explain them comprehensively and enthusiastically.

“I am very excited to be joining SecureLink’s team” Driehuis says. “Over the last months, I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with most of their execs, and it’s humbling to be part of such a talented and motivated team. SecureLink has achieved amazing things, and I can’t wait to be working alongside them to take it to the next level.”

“We’re very happy Eward’s joining our team”, says Marco Barkmeijer, SecureLink CEO. “We’ve been on an incredible journey, Eward’s creative thought leadership will be a great asset for us. The team and I are very happy he’s decided to join us.”

One of the first tasks Driehuis has to take on is the opening keynote at the Secure Bootcamp conference, on March 15 in Rotterdam.Do you have a question or would you like more information? Please contact us.

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