SecureLink, Europe’s largest independent cybersecurity and Managed Security Service provider listens to its international customers who want the same quality of security in markets outside of Europe.

SecureLink customers consider cybersecurity as an enabler. Thanks to relevant solutions and services At the same time, laws and regulations covering cybersecurity and data protection are rapidly increasing on a global scale, and China is no exception. In order to provide the same quality and flexibility to international customers with business in China as well as in Europe, SecureLink is opening a Cyber Defense Center (CDC) in Shanghai, China.

The CDC is based on an advanced technology, powered by a strong combination of artificial and human intelligence-driven solutions. The intelligent foundation, combined with a strong focus on best practice ensures integrity, quality, and security for all CDC customers.

  • This is, of course, a milestone for us, and for our international customers. Now we can offer them the same quality and flexibility as they are used to within Europe. Cyber-crime doesn’t care about borders, so we help our customers level up worldwide with continuously reliable cybersecurity, says Marco Barkmeijer, CEO SecureLink.

By having SecureLink as a trusted partner for cybersecurity, customers can now rest assured that their cybersecurity in China will be managed by the same trusted partner globally. With local expertise and localized services, SecureLink is able to support its customers with both international cybersecurity challenges and Chinese-specific requirements.

  • At SecureLink we are, of course, proud that our international customers want us to follow them worldwide. This also means that other companies can come to us knowing that we have the strength, resources, and knowledge to ensure their security anytime, anywhere. We learn and improve based on the data we see daily, and with this new source of information, we can deliver even higher quality services. SecureLink is committed to safely enabling its customers’ businesses, both today and tomorrow, ends Marco Barkmeijer, CEO SecureLink.

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