SecureLink donates 5 iPads to the Department of Logopedics of AZ Groeninge

A socially accepted communication tool

AZ Groeninge, a large supra-regional hospital located in Kortrijk, helps many adults who cannot communicate clearly (anymore).  These difficulties in communication may be the result of an illness or an injury such as aphasia, a disability, autism, congenital brain defects… A very intense training is needed to assist those patients in (re)understanding and speaking a language.

Technology meets communication

Present technology provides highly accurate and convenient communication tools for instance via apps. Almost everyone uses apps, on their smartphone or tablet for example. It has become part of our daily lives and AZ Groeninge concluded that these patients can be trained via a specific user-friendly app. SecureLink donated 5 iPads to guide the patients. Because it us such an established device, there is a low threshold to use it.

Cooperate to communicate

AZ Groeninge and SecureLink have been working together for a while. IT security is a top priority for the hospital. Therefore, AZ Groeninge is using SecureLink’s CDC service (Cyber Defense Center) which will ensure that that the security devices of AZ Groeninge are monitored 24/7 by experts.

Thanks to the optimal training devices and specialized training app, patients can now be understood and they are able to train independently. In addition to the language apps, the iPads will also be used to carry out measurements via recordings in order to identify functional, physical and psychosocial limitations of speech problems. SecureLink is happy to support the training and/or recovery of the patient and their family.

2016_iPads AZ Groeninge

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