The Security Maturity Assessment

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The Security Maturity Assessment offers you a new methodology

By providing a structured approach, based on expert analysis of your operation and its context, we provide a clear and accurate assessment of where you are now, allowing you to build a highly effective cyber security strategy for the future.

Our Security Maturity Assessment (SMA) is a proven first step in helping you understand where you stand in the spectrum of security maturity, and provides the perfect platform for building a long-term strategy of effective cyber protection.

The SMA was built with the client’s internal security strategy in mind, and it is designed to be an external & expert pair of eyes assisting an organisation’s security.

The focus is on Strategy combined with People, Processes and Technology

The first area covered is strategy, which takes a detailed look at the business growth plans (including future IT restructuring, such as adoption of cloud technologies, consolidating business units, and/or business unit mergers). This establishes context and is one of the key influencing factors of the report recommendations: IT plans always have to align with the major business objectives.

The other areas covered are People, Processes, and Technology. The selected questions in ‘People’ are based on SecureLink’s mutual work with numerous clients with long-established security operations centers and security teams. Procedural questions were built on the foundations of ISO 27001, and technical controls are based on the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls. This selection covers the full spectrum of standards, as most industry recommendations are based on the above.

Further to this, the focus increased on topics directly relevant to legislative changes (such as the GDPR) – making sure that clients are prepared to respond to both breach incidents, as well as customer requests.

These are not external audits, as the findings are covered by Non-Disclosure and are there to assist in the building of 360° security strategies, which both secure the estate and prepare for any upcoming changes to legislation, and structure.

What to expect from the Security Maturity Assessment (SMA)?

After we’ve carried out a full maturity assessment of your organisation, you’ll have:

  • An organisation-wide security maturity score, that indicates how fit-for-purpose your cyber defences are.
  • A clear breakdown of your score across business functions (people, process, technology) and security areas (prevention, detection, response).
  • An understanding of how your maturity score compares with that of competitors in your industry.
  • A set of actionable recommendations and clear priorities on how to increase your organisation’s security maturity.
  • An executive summary and report for your leadership team, allowing them to make better-informed project and investment decisions.
  • Optional: Ongoing access to the SecureLink online assessment portal, allowing you to continually improve your security maturity score over time.
  • Optional: Access to the SecureLink Cyber Security Advisory Services team as you implement recommendations.

How does the SMA work?

A unique blend of a powerful technology platform, and consulting expertise, the SMA is a thorough assessment of your capabilities and consists of the following steps:

  1. A lead consultant from our Cyber Security Advisory Services team will take you through your assessment process (interview-based workshop).
  2. SecureLink will carry out an internal review and Q&A of your results.
  3. You will get an executive report and summary of results. Your overall scores as well as recommendations for improvement will be provided.
  4. Optional: You will receive ongoing access to the SecureLink online assessment platform

Download an example of a completed SMA


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