SecureLink Best Practices Expert Advice

At SecureLink, we add an extra layer of expert advice to the results of the Palo Alto Networks BPA tool in a detailed report.

This report includes:

  • An Executive Summary,

  • Prioritized Recommendations customized to your environment

These recommendations are based on a set of configuration best practices developed by SecureLink called ‘The SecureLink Project Approach’. This approach helps you to bring your firewall to a maximized level of security.

Some Best Practice examples are:

  • Convert the Layer 4 Security rule base to an application Security rule base;
  • Enhance Threat Protection Profiles;

  • Apply URL-Filtering Best Practices;
  • Enhance SSL Decryption Visibility;
  • Apply Threat Intelligence in Security Policies;
  • Integrate with other security components.

When the necessary prioritized actions are taken, the results can improve a lot:

Overall Adoption: The adoption ratio of security capabilities like Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, WildFire of your firewall

Industry Average: The industry average in your sector worldwide.

Best Practice Mode: The compliance of your firewall configuration with Best Practices

The level of compliance with CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls


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