Why we fail at cybersecurity…and how we can fix it

The last few years, it has been a much discussed topic. Almost every week, there are articles stating that another organization has become victim of a data breach. The breach of Yahoo in 2014 was one of the largest in recent times. Hackers stole over one billion user accounts. You probably already asked yourself: how is this possible? After all the efforts and investments we have made, how is it that we still have such bad results?

One of the main reasons are companies that only focus on preventive measures. This is mostly reflected in the purchase of technology such as firewalls, anti-virus and other solutions.

All too often those organizations believe that buying this equipment alone will make them secure, but therein lies the catch. This approach may have worked ten to fifteen years ago, but today, hackers are so sophisticated that even your brand new next-generation firewall cannot stop all the attacks on its own. That is the harsh reality and it will not change anytime soon.

Technology alone will not improve your security

It is clear that investing in technology, without looking at the bigger picture will not bring you the desired results. You need more than astonishing technology, you also need astonishing people, policies and processes.

The problem is that security experts are hard to find. There has been a shortage of technical profiles, security analysts, chief information security officers (CISO), and Data Protection Officers (DPO) for years. This has a huge impact on your corporate security strategy and a lot of companies are looking for alternative solutions.

A non-affordable adventure?

17_pic_trends_mss2An option really worth considering is Managed Services. With Managed Services, you are able to resolve the source problem easily because security specialists monitor your infrastructure and analyze incidents, on a 24/7 basis if necessary. At Securelink we offer two kinds of managed services namely ‘operate’ and ‘analyze’.

Our Operate services focus on your network’s daily operations of and on your security equipment. SecureLink will take care of all configuration changes, troubleshooting and updates of firmware and software. In other words, we will make sure that your devices are working optimally and in the best possible conditions.

With our Analyze services, we monitor your network for security breaches and detect them in an early stage. That way, we are able to minimize the damage and act quickly so we can remove hackers access toyour network immediately. These services are provided from our Cyber Defense Centers which are staffed with security analysts. Investing in your own operation center and staffing it 24/7 is a costly adventure most companies cannot afford, but through our service, you benefit from the advantages of such a solution at only a fraction of the cost.

By Peter Beerten, Business Developer SecureProtectInterested in our Managed Services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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