Why does SecureLink do NSX?

VMware NSX provides SDN technology to enable organizations to accelerate application deployment and delivery dramatically, reducing IT costs through policy-enabled workflow automation. SecureLink strongly believes that VMware NSX will enhance the benefits of data center virtualization, increasing resource flexibility and utilization. You will achieve a strong reduction of infrastructure costs and overhead.

SDN accomplishes these business objectives by converging the management of network, security and application services into centralized, extensible orchestration platforms that can automate the provisioning and configuration of the entire infrastructure. The result is a modern infrastructure that delivers new secured applications and services in minutes.


The following quick-wins will be achieved:

1) Data Center Automation

  • Speed up network provisioning
  • Simple value-added service insertion per virtual machine
  • Streamline DMZ changes
  • Secure east-west network traffic between virtual machines
  • Provide end-to-end security including the integration with third-party solutions

2)Self-Service Enterprise IT

  • Rapid application deployment with automated network and service provisioning for private clouds & test/dev environments
  • Isolated Dev, test and production environments on the same physical infrastructure
  • Automated provisioning of security policies

3)Multi-tenant clouds

  • Automate network provisioning for tenants with customization and complete isolation
  • Maximize hardware sharing across tenants


How does SecureLink do it?

Tasks Executed by SecureLink:

  • Planning, Design, Installation and configuration of VMware NSX.
  • Integration with third-party services for NSX micro-segmentation.
  • Configure dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP) with external network components.
  • Installation and integration with physical VXLAN/VTEP endpoints.
  • Integration with Cloud Management Platforms such as vRealise Automation.





Securelink Added Value:

  • There are only two selected VMware NSX Partners in Belgium, SecureLink is one of them
  • Certified VMware NSX engineers
  • In-depth advanced network and security knowledge and more than 10 years of experience in customer networks.
  • Highest partnerships with vendors that integrate with VMware NSX e.g. Palo Alto Networks, F5, Infoblox, Trend-Micro, Juniper Networks, …
  • In-depth VMware server virtualization knowledge and experience
  • In-depth knowledge of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) models.



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