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Do you, your employees, your customers or other users feel the need to work in a more effective and flexible way? Think Secure Workspace!

The days of banning Macs and smartphones from our businesses are over. The Secure Workspace helps companies to be more productive by granting specific partners or external parties access to applications and data, without making them public.

Customers should also be able to access specific information in your data center that is not meant for someone else’s eyes. They want to be able to check their personal accounts, files, medical records, purchases and so on.

To achieve this flexibility without compromising security, a VPN is no longer sufficient. Although it is constructed to access protected resources, it limits the flexibility because it mostly dependents on a corporate device. Furthermore, a VPN is inadequate to grant a safe and intuitive user experience. Secure application connectivity is not only about a BYOD-policy for your employees. Just think of freelancers and customers…

Today’s users are expecting 4 different things to increase their flexibility and effectiveness:

  • The possibility to work from multiple devices
  • Easy access to a range of applications and services no matter the operating system
  • The ability to do this from any location
  • An unaltered user experience

There are solutions that live up to these expectations: published applications or full virtual desktop infrastructure.

In practice, transitioning from a PC-era to a flexible secure data controlled workspace means you should focus on following points:

  • Disconnect from the device – to provide services and applications to laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Disconnect from the platform – to provide services and applications to a diverse set of operating systems
  • Disconnect from the location – to be able to work both inside and outside the office.

The flip side is that when you increase flexibility and agility, you’ll also get more security and data protection concerns. So, here’s an advice: evaluate upfront how to implement security and automation processes.

And remember to take these 3 controls into account:

  • The protection against external threats
  • The detection and protection of insider’s threats
  • Data Loss Prevention

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is experiencing a technology-induced revival and it’s not because of the idea of cost saving.

It’s about safely delivering access to any application, anytime, anywhere on any device, while keeping your unstructured data in your datacenter.

It’s about Security, Data Protection and Flexibility!Would you like to know more about the Secure Workspace? Contact our Business Developer Bob Deleeck.

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