Pulse Secure Kick Off 2018, Napa, California

Last week, I was excited to attend the Pulse Secure Kick-off 2018 (PSKO18) in Napa, California. The PSKO is a yearly conference that unites the global sales, product and marketing teams to look back on the previous year, and, also for a preview. Because the conference was held near the company headquarters located in San Jose, all core Pulse Secure engineering & development teams were present. Top level partners such as SecureLink were also invited. It is the ideal opportunity to share insights, discuss product strategy and provide essential feedback on the integration of Pulse Secure technology in the networks of our customers.

The 3 pillars of Pulse Secure’s success

The first day of the conference took off with an inspiring presentation of the company CEO, Sudhakar Ramakrishna. His key takeaway is that security should be seamless, and should not affect end-user productivity. The cloud generation does not like to be controlled: they want easy and secure access to the tools they need. He elaborated on the 3 pillars of his company’s success:

  1. A good user experience
  2. Enhanced support for the mobile workspace
  3. Full enablement of cloud technology

Pulse Secure’s product portfolio update

After the keynote, they gave a comprehensive overview of the updated product portfolio, followed by a technical deep-dive into the new capabilities and integrations. Past June 2017, Pulse Secure acquired the Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) business from Brocade Communication Systems. With the addition of Brocade’s vADC, Pulse Secure now aims to deliver secure access to a complete customer application portfolio, from legacy data center applications, to web, cloud, and mobile applications.

From remote access technology to complete Secure Access

In my opinion, in the past 3 years, Pulse Secure has reoriented itself from a company providing traditional remote access technology (stable SSLVPN connectivity with the datacenter) to a best-of-breed vendor able to deliver a complete “Secure Access”. Pulse Secure is able to provide a secure single sign-on with strong authentication to all company resources, regardless of where applications and data might be located.

Enterprises are quickly migrating to could-based workloads

A quick poll taken during the conference illustrated that enterprises are quickly migrating to cloud-based workloads, leaving a significant part of their on-premise footprint behind. The same was emphasized by our own CEO Marco Barkmeijer during our own SecureLink Kick-Off that took place the week before. It is important that an enterprise solution adapts to this market shift. Although the VPN is far from dead, today the Pulse Secure platform has a much broader role as a central gateway for all enterprise connectivity, by consolidating the SSLVPN use-case with Network Access Control (NAC) and federated access to cloud applications (‘Cloud Secure’).

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