One does not simply breach a SecureWorkspace

GDPR; organizations have less than a year left to comply. Those who are already preparing, know that mapping personal data in their business processes is essential. This personal data is processed through your IT systems, applications, and networks.

Where IT teams generally used to focus on network and host security, they now need to focus on application and data security as well. In order to implement this, you need to know where your data is and how it is protected.

defense-in-depth model

Defense-In-Depth model: focus on these 4 levels

Keep your workforce close, but your personal data even closer

Users play a very important role as they are the ones that use the applications in their workspace. The new generation of employees wants to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. But, this mobility, requires additional security. A SecureWorkspace is a must. It allows enterprise IT to have a trusted computer session on any device by delivering business applications and data in a secure manner. To do so, all data is kept in the datacenter. This is beneficial to the company, does not compromise the user experience and helps them comply with the GDPR.

Centralizing your data in the datacenter will give you a clear overview of all your applications and their users. It will be easier to implement security controls, identity and access management and every event can be logged.

Humans are the weakest link

GDPR is not the only thing organizations are worrying about. They must also deal with an evolving threat landscape. Social hacking, identity theft, and data exfiltration are booming and insider threats (e.g. theft of confidential information, sabotage of computer systems, unintentionally opening malware files…) are considered to be the new malware. Luckily, technology is responding. Just think of user and behavior analytics and machine learning. Integrating this in your DecureWorkspace will be easy since it resides in your datacenter.

As you can see, the SecureWorkspace has many advantages that are immediately linked to GDPR. If you have any further questions, please to not hesitate to contact our business developers Simen Van der Perre (GDPR) or Bob Deleeck (SecureWorkspace). They will be happy to advise you.

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Would you like more information? Don’t hesitate to contact our Business Developers:
Simen Van der Perre (GDPR) and Bob Deleeck (SecureWorkspace)

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