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Every year, SecureLink attends the oasis of knowledge we have come to know as ‘f5 Agility’. This year wasn’t any different: a group of four experienced individuals migrated across the European lands towards their soon-to-be new home for the next couple of days: Barcelona!

This year, f5 Networks brought an exciting new vision on how apps are to be treated in the world of clouds. Their motto?



The evolution of the cloud

f5 sees an evolution in cloud adoption, both in public and private variations. Businesses are becoming more dependent on ‘the cloud’ and the concept of Hybrid Cloud (a combination of private and public) is slowly starting to take . Such a Hybrid Cloud allows businesses to easily scale out what they want, without the obligation of putting ‘everything’ out there.

As with every evolution, new dangers lurk in the shadow. Think about new vulnerabilities, challenges in managing identities and application access, threats to availability…

f5 proposes an answer by leveraging the technology they’re well-known for, in combination with the cloud services we all love.

f5’s answer to the new dangers

f5 introduces a new set of solutions aimed at securing and managing your cloud infrastructure:

  • Application Services Proxy
  • Container Connector
  • Application Connector

These solutions finely integrate with the Equinix Performance Hub, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, rendering the daunting task of managing your infrastructure a bit less of a challenge and more of a ‘thing that just works’. A quick explanation can be found in this 2-minute video:

Using the new technology, f5 not only solves issues, but also offers you overview of your different applications, a view on what your application currently looks like on the web, all the critical security controls at your fingertips: APM, ASM, Anti-DDoS, and on top of that an easy way of shifting workloads between the different cloud infrastructures you operate, public and private alike.

SecureLink as your trusted advisor

SecureLink can help you integrate these new f5 technologies into your Hybrid Cloud Environment. We have many years of experience with security design and multiple top-certified f5 Security Solution Experts at your service.Please do not hesitate to contact SecureLink. We offer you solid advice, tailored to your company’s needs.

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