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Two weeks ago, at the RSA security congress in San Francisco, it was very clear that endpoint security solutions are the answer to today’s security challenges. Since network traffic is increasingly encrypted, and since attacks are moving to the user or the application itself, it is almost impossible to detect everything going on across the network.

Last year, there was the rise of the next generation endpoint security solutions. This year, this trend has been confirmed; but on top of that, other endpoint solutions that are mainly behavior-based, were also put in the spotlight.

How to meet the need for flexibility?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) projects are also on the rise. People require flexibility on devices that are used for running applications. How to meet this need? With BYOD, a company cannot control the devices and cannot impose security measures. Fortunately, there are solutions that install software that separates business and private use, but in a real BYOD scenario, people will not allow you to install corporate software on their private computer.

How to deal with this issue? In my opinion, you should offer very flexible access to their data via virtual desktops or applications, from any device and location. This is a very secure way of working because all data remains in the highly secured datacenter. This way, there is no confidential data on the user’s device and all traffic going through the network is mainly virtualized or consists of keyboard strokes. Depending on the configuration, it might also involve printing and USB access.

As desktops and terminal servers can be centralized, you have strong control over the virtual endpoint. That way, you can make sure that all endpoint security is active and up-to-date. Central security will be easier to manage because virtual desktops are centralized and standardized. Aside from security, all other advantages such as ease of deployment and centralized backups still count. A VDI solution; however, is not by default cheaper than a traditional approach, but it is definitely more secure and easier to manage and maintain.

A very important element of a VDI solution is the access to the virtual environment. The authentication part is critical because we absolutely have to avoid access that only requires a simple username and password. Strong authentication is a must.

SecureLink’s Secure Workspace is a solution that meets all those requirements. We have already implemented it several times and we see an increasing demand for this product since the endpoint is an undeniable part of your security approach. Please feel free to request more information.

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