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Are you on pins and needles waiting for the biggest announcement of the Citrix Summit in Anaheim, California? Together with Citrix partners from around the world, we gathered for this four-day event. And what was their biggest news? Well, Citrix acquired Unidesk! Unidesk was repeatedly voted the most comprehensive and best application layering solution.

To what does Unidesk owe this title?

  • Unidesk’s unique layering capabilities and cross-hypervisor or Cloud deployment
  • Unidesk is compliant with every version of XenApp/XenDesktop











A year ago, Unidesk started focusing again on Citrix’ core products. This was further strengthened with the performance benefits of the newest version of HDX protocol (HDX next).

By using an adaptive protocol (UDP where possible) and by encoding each part of the screen (video, flash, text) with another codec, an impressive 60% bandwidth reduction is achieved! When compared to the competition of VMware, the results are even more impressive:











This difference is also noticeable in session-to-client communication (e.g. a file copy):


Citrix vs. VMware

The comparison with VMware was continued during a hypervisor session. Citrix’ XenServer has some important advantages over VMware’s vSphere with regard to running a VDI/SBC workload namely:

  • No management overhead (SQL, MGMT-server)
  • Unique zero-day attack in-memory prevention developed together with Bitdefender.
  • PVS-Accelerator reducing the load on PVS servers (especially during boot storms) and optimizing performance.
  • Only Hypervisor to support Intel GPU virtualization.
  • Best GPU management (non-cli)
  • Save up to 136$ per virtual desktop.

About Citrix’ NetScaler

Citrix’ NetScaler is prominently put forward as a broad product that copes with the problems we are facing today. During several sessions, they explained how NetScaler protects your environment, whether it is on premise, in the Cloud or during a migration scenario to and from the Cloud.

A new extension to the NetScaler range, is MAS (Management and Analytics System). This component is installed as a virtual appliance and can be seen as an all-seeing eye on all your NetScaler deployments. It is a combination of adjustments, monitoring and reporting in a single console. NetScaler MAS is a free extension to your existing deployment.

New Cloud products

There was a strong focus on Cloud during the summit. The new full Cloud products were announced:

  • XenApp/XenDesktop Essentials for Azure: run a virtual desktop or application in Microsoft’s Cloud using Citrix technology.
  • XenMobile Essentials for EMS

The second focus was on security.  which is enforced in nearly every new feature of the Citrix portfolio, so they can really make the difference.


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