Why does SecureLink offer Aruba Networks (HPe) Mobility?

aruba_logoAruba Networks (a HPe company) has taken the best of its wireless networking product offerings and created an end-to-end architecture called Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks. It was built especially for what the company calls #GenMobile — the modern generation of users the technician, the savvy user, the partner, customer and IT departments struggle to keep up with.

is a new generation of mobile users that relies on technology. They use Wi-Fi wherever and whenever they work, during their break or when they meet with others. Today’s static networks weren’t designed to handle this type of users and companies are experiencing the disadvantages of not having an adequate network that enables access to applications anytime, anywhere and on any device .

Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks

4 features to meet the needs of today’s mobile users

2016-aruba-mobility-1Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks is an architecture that addresses the most important issues in current wireless networks and those of the associated end-user experience.  Their wireless workspace architecture meets the needs of this generation of mobile users with these 4 features:

  • Stable Air, or Wi-Fi that acts like a utility in that it’s always working
  • Secure Air, or security that’s not intrusive
  • Simple Air, or the idea that using mobile services must be easy to access without manual logins
  • Smart Air, with location-relevance and priority for mobile apps.

Granting and denying user/application access privileges

In designing the Mobility-Defined Networks architecture, Aruba Networks incorporated its Aruba ClearPass security technology and AirWave network management system. They introduced new capabilities and technologies enabling current users to upgrade without being required to purchase additional equipment.

The ClearPass Policy Manager provides secure network access in a mobile world. It features ultra-scalable AAA with RADIUS and TACACS+ and a policy engine that leverages contextual data, based on user roles, device types, app usage and location.

ClearPass takes a fresh approach to solving today’s mobility challenges across any multivendor network by replacing outdated legacy AAA with context-aware policies. And ClearPass scales and adapts to your evolving user, security and business needs.

2016-aruba-mobility-2ClearPass device profiling capabilities create device-specific enforcement policies for differentiated access and zero-day threat mitigation. You can easily grant or deny user access privileges based on device type, ownership status or operating system.

It allows you to improve the employee and guest productivity by automating the onboarding of mobile devices, keeping them securely connected, and by offloading the IT staff from repetitive help desk tasks.


ClearPass capabilities include:

Enhanced security

A recent feature is ClearPass Exchange, which automates security workflows with third-party security in IT systems. ClearPass Exchange allows IT admins to integrate their current systems through REST-based APIs to develop or automate their own business workflows.

Aruba Auto Sign-On on the other hand, uses ClearPass to enable a user’s workplace Wi-Fi login to automatically authenticate into SSO-enabled applications.

The company is also introducing a Next-Generation Mobility Firewall, which uses advanced deep packet inspection to set granular role-based policies, quality of service and bandwidth contracts for more than 1,500 mobile applications, even when they are encrypted.This allows the network to operate more intelligently so it can identify and prioritize individual apps, and also block and restrict bandwidth for apps.

Unprecedented insight and centralized control

Aruba AirWave is a powerful and easy-to-use network operations system that not only manages wired and wireless infrastructure from Aruba Networks and a wide range of third-party manufacturers, but also provides granular visibility into devices, users and applications on the network.

With unprecedented insight and centralized control to effectively manage global enterprise infrastructures, AirWave lets the IT department proactively optimize network performance, strengthen wireless security and improve the end-user experience.

Through a centralized and intuitive user interface, AirWave provides real-time monitoring, proactive alerts, historical reporting, and fast, efficient troubleshooting. Dedicated dashboard views quickly help view potential RF coverage issues, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) traffic, application performance and network services.Secure Mobility: what is it? Why and how does SecureLink do it? 


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